Welcome to the Guernsey PND Support Group website. As you read through these pages, we hope that your visit will give you more information, advice and support. If you are suffering from the effects of Peri natal depression (pre or post) then you will be reassured that you are not alone.

Peri Natal & Post Partum Depression

PND is a mental health condition which affects up to 1 in 10 mothers. It can often be mistaken for the ‘baby blues', which is a short period of feeling low, anxious, and irritable and affects 80% of new mums. PND is when these feelings last for much longer, can vary from mild to severe and it can affect women in different ways.

Sometimes there is an obvious reason for PND, but not always. You may feel distressed, or guilty for feeling like this, as you expected to be happy about having a baby. However, PND can happen to anyone and it is not your fault.

It's never too late to seek help. Even if you have been depressed for a while, you can get better. The help you need depends on how severe your illness is.

Here in Guernsey, our PND Support Group offers assistance through peer support. Our pool of experienced and trained volunteers are accessible via a variety of channels: telephone, email, closed Facebook Group, face to face private meetings and regular coffee evenings.